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"Heroes of the Sea"

Greece has a rich seafaring and shipowning history, stretching back to ancient times and into legend. Here are a few of the greatest Greek maritime personalities of all time. Vote for your favourite to help us decide who was the greatest of them all!


The story of Jason and his quest for a golden fleece may be the earliest example of a Mission Impossible-type thriller. His ship, the famous Argo, is one of the first Greek vessels in history to be known by name... 
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A legendary king of Ancient Ithaca, Odysseus was one of the Greek heroes of the siege of Troy. His voyage home, immortalised by Homer in The Odyssey, is still one of the world's most exciting adventure stories... 
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Themistocles was a politician in the golden age of ancient Athens. But he was also a brilliant naval strategist. He based the defence of Athens' fragile democracy on its sea-power...
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Admiral Nearchus was born in Crete and led Alexander the Great's expedition to open up a sea route from the Indus to the Euphrates. It made him an important figure in the history of world navigation... 
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A shipowner and merchant based on the island of Hydra, Andreas Miaoulis was a patriot who commanded the Greek revolutionary fleet during the Greek War of Independence (1821–30)... 
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She was a heroic revolutionary from Spetses island who spent her fortune to aid the Greek War of Independence of 1821. Bouboulina commanded her own ships even when under deadly fire... 
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Onassis' rags-to-riches story made him the most famous Greek of the 20th century and a personality recognised all over the world. He was the most charismatic business tycoon of his time, and known also for his glamorous friends and loves... 
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The only Greek shipowner of the 20th century whose fame could compare with Aristotle Onassis was Stavros Niarchos. They competed with each other to build the biggest ships of their era. Like Onassis, he left a Foundation to benefit Greece... 
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George Livanos was a shipowner who wanted the shipping industry to do more to help the world. Long before most people heard of global warming, he launched a campaign to protect the seas from pollution... 
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