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Academy Members’ Charter

Membership of the Greek Shipping Hall of Fame Academy is by invitation.

Since inception it has been free of charge and without any obligation – and continues to be so.

Academy Members are entitled to:

  • Receive early news of Greek Shipping Hall of Fame developments
    Participate in the choosing of the annual Inductees into the Greek Shipping Hall of Fame
  • Have confidence that votes cast are confidential and will count equally to other Members’ votes
  • Have confidence that their Membership and details are kept confidential and protected
  • Cancel their Membership at any time and be removed from the Greek Shipping Hall of Fame Academy membership list

As a Member of the Academy, you can trust that your Membership, and the contact details you provided when you enrolled, are kept strictly confidential.

We never provide membership confirmations or lists of members to third parties, with the sole exception of registering each member with the auditor of our Induction Procedure for the purpose of verifying members’ voting rights.

With entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018, we take the opportunity to reaffirm that the minimal details collected at the time of your registration as a member are kept safe and confidential to the Greek Shipping Hall of Fame. As stated in the original membership invitation, you can terminate your Academy membership and ask to be removed from our membership list at any time.

While there is no obligation on Members to vote, we respectfully urge you to be active in the voting for Inductees, which takes place once a year.

  • Only Academy Members are entitled to choose the Inductees
  • Choosing the Inductees annually is the prime purpose of the Academy
  • The more Members who cast their votes, the better the Academy serves as a proxy for the wider Greek shipping community

The onus is on Academy Members to inform the Greek Shipping Hall of Fame of any change in a Member’s status or contact details. Please inform us promptly of any change of company, job title, contact telephone number or email. This will enable us to update your membership and ensure that you continue to receive communications from the Hall of Fame as well as maintaining your ability to vote.

Membership is intended to be for a lifetime, as long as the Member continues to have a genuine interest in the Greek shipping industry. Members leaving the company or other entity that they represented at the time of their enrollment will in some cases be eligible to represent their new company or organisation. If not, they – as well as retiring Members – will be eligible for Individual Membership.

All types of Academy Membership are free of charge and enjoy the same voting rights. In some cases, updating Membership due to a change of circumstances may involve issuing a new membership number to the Member.

From Members leaving a company or organisation, we welcome suggestions as to who should be invited as the new Member representing their immediately prior entity. However such invitations remain at the sole discretion of the Greek Shipping Hall of Fame.

Please ensure that we are updated in writing with any changes to: administration@greekshippinghalloffame.org

Receipt of all communications from Academy Members will be acknowledged by return email.