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Claims to fame include:

• Founder of one of the world’s largest salvage companies
• Among the first owners to return to Greece in the 1950s
• One of the first Greek shipowners to fulfil contracts of

TODAY’s Tsavliris Salvage Group can trace its origins to the early 1920s when founder Alexander G. Tsavliris first arrived in Piraeus from Asia Minor as a refugee. Among the first shipowners who supported the development of Piraeus as a maritime centre, he became a leading owner of dry cargo ships and is remembered for putting Greece on the international map for salvage operations.

Tsavliris was born in 1914 into a small Greek community located in the Black Sea coal port of Zonguldak, northern Turkey. His family originated from Erymanthos mountain area of the Peloponnese and ancestor Theodore Tsavliris (1884-1921) is commemorated as a benefactor by a bust in the town square of Livarzi.

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