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Claims to fame include:

• Co-founder of Pegasus Ocean Services and the Greek Group
• Vice-chairman of the Union of Greek Shipowners and Greek
   Shipping Co-operation Committee
• Spokesman for Ως Εδω, representing victims of terrorism

IN HIS own words, Michael C. Peraticos enjoyed adventures. He remained excited about the job of being a shipowner throughout his career. Notably, he combined his private business activities with decades of leadership on matters of common interest to the Greek shipping community.

Michael C. Peraticos was born in Piraeus in March 1918. His father was Constantinos 'Costis' P. Peraticos, whose family came from the island of Syros and from the village of Kardamyla in Chios island. His father could trace a long lineage in shipping but they had lost their money and so Costis P. Peraticos was self-made, becoming a trader and part-shipowner of small vessels. Michael's mother, Antonia I. Xylas, also from Kardamyla, herself came from a well-known, successful family of shipowners.

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