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Claims to fame include:

• Proposer of the Greek Shipping Co-operation Committee
• War-time leader of Greek shipping in London and New York
• Celebrated painter of ships

MANUEL – or Manolis – Kulukundis enjoyed special status in the Greek shipping community of the 20th century. He was widely seen as a mentor for younger shipowners, and sometimes hailed within Greek shipping circles as their 'patriarch' or even 'rector'.

Pipe-smoking, thoughtful and an accomplished watercolour painter, Kulukundis had a genial image and a charming manner. He could also entertain as a capable player of the mandolin. This partly obscured a strong business personality who was not shy about taking the lead. Kulukundis was born on the island of Kasos in November 1898. His father Elias, a member of the third generation of the Kulukundis family active in shipping, was a master who commanded his own ships.

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