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(about 524 BC – about 459 BC)

THEMISTOCLES, a free man of Athens, was elected 'archon' of the Athenian city-state in 493. After the Athenians' victory over the Persians at the Battle of Marathon, Themistocles had the vision to see that the danger was not over. As Athens' top executive, he developed a strategy to expand the city's fleet of triremes, the fast warships that were the most effective fighting vessel of their time, and to build defensive walls from the Acropolis down to the trireme sheds of Piraeus harbour, five miles away.

This was not a politically popular policy, but Themistocles persisted. He was the right man in the right place at the right time. When the Persians next came, in 480 BC, Athens had increased its fleet from 70 to 200 triremes, and to this he added another 150 from allies in the Peloponnese, led by Sparta. Using clever strategy, he heavily defeated the Persian fleet by trapping it in the straits of Salamis.

As well as keeping Greece free, Themistocles' maritime focus safeguarded Athens' maritime trade. His policies led to the first set of regulations for the shipping industry in history – many centuries ahead of their time.