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(estimated about 1200 BC)

Odysseus has a great backstory – he was one of the suitors of the inspiring ancient beauty Helen. He did not win her, but was later one of those that joined her husband Menelaus on the expedition to Troy after Helen was kidnapped by Paris. Odysseus led 12 ships from Ithaca to Troy and featured prominently in Homer's account of the Trojan War, The Iliad. It was Odysseus who was said to have thought of constructing the wooden horse, the trick by which the Greeks finally were able to gain entry into the city and defeat the Trojans.

But that was just for starters. As told by Homer in The Odyssey, it is Odysseus' return from Troy that has really grabbed the imagination of generations. He is condemned by Poseidon to wander the seas for 10 years, and loses his other 11 ships after they docked in the island of the cannibalistic Laestrygonians. Other terrors met on the way included the one-eyed giant Cyclops, the witch-goddess Circe, the Sirens who tried to draw his ship onto the rocks, the six-headed monster Scylla and a whirlpool. After many adventures, his ship was wrecked and Odysseus alone survived. He was washed up on the island of the nymph Calypso, who compelled him to stay as her lover for the next seven years.

Eventually, Odysseus was released and returns home to Ithaca disguised as an old beggar. He find his faithful wife Penelope besieged by suitors who believe he has died years before. Joined by his son, he kills them all and is reunited with Penelope.

Odysseus is a complicated character and has attracted criticism as well as admiration. But the story is a classic to grab the imagination even of real-life explorers. Alexander the Great and Lawrence of Arabia were among those who read The Odyssey on their own travels.