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(estimated about 1300 BC)

The story of Jason and the Golden Fleece is like a Mission Impossible adventure for the ancient world! Jason was sent on a seemingly impossible mission to bring back the Golden Fleece by his power-hungry uncle, King Pelias, who feared Jason was the man whom the oracle predicted would take his crown away from him.

Jason set sail on his ship, the Argo, with its crew, the 'Argonauts' and they encountered strange islands and tribes of exotic people including a race of giants with six arms known as Gegeines. Jason and his men were lucky to escape! In the Sea of Marmara they rescued the blind prophet, Phineus from the attacks of the Harpies, which were part-women and part- birds. In return for this favour, Phineus revealed to Jason the secret of how to sail through the 'clashing rocks' that guarded the entrance to the Black Sea and had a fearsome record of destroying ships that tried to pass through.

Jason arrived safely in Colchis but in order to take the fleece King Aeetes set him three superhuman tasks: he had to plough a field with fire-breathing oxen; he had to sow a field with the teeth of a dragon which sprouted into an army of warriors who attacked him; and he had to overcome the guardian of the fleece, a dragon that never slept. He managed to perform all three tasks with the help of Medea, the King's daughter who had fallen in love with him.

Jason and Medea escaped with the fleece despite the plans of King Aietes to kill him at a banquet organised in his honour and the Argo encountered further epic adventures on its journey home.