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(1907 - 1989)

JOHN C. Carras, one of the most dynamic shipowners of the 1950s to 1970s, served as Chairman of the Greek Shipping Cooperation Committee (GSCC) in London in 1963-1965.

Born into a shipping family from Kardamyla, Chios, he studied economics in Lausanne and subsequently became a principal in the London office of Angelos Lusi CBE. During the Second World War he served as a volunteer officer in the Greek Navy and was decorated three times. A decade after Angelos Lusi’s death in 1955, A. Lusi Ltd. was renamed J.C. Carras Sons (Shipbrokers) Ltd., responsible for managing up to 35 vessels.

After the war John Carras and Angelos Lusi received one each of the 100 Liberties allotted by the US to Greece. In the 1950s and 1960s, the J.C. Carras group ordered newbuildings in British, Yugoslav and Japanese shipyards, notably 12 Liberty replacement ‘Freedoms’ from Japan’s Ishikawajima Heavy Industries that were among the first automated vessels. In 1967 he took delivery of the first of this successful series, Khian Captain.

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