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Claims to fame include:

• Pioneer in liner services and refrigerated ships
• Founder of Home Lines and numerous other companies
• 'A patriotic soul and a national figure'

EUGENE Eugenides may or may not be the "Mr Eugenides" immortalised as "the Smyrna merchant" in T. S. Eliot's famous poem The Waste Land. But he had many other distinctions. In the course of his career, he established himself in several countries, and was recognized by several others for his achievements.

He began as a trader. When it came to shipping, his career was shaped by his interest in logistics and exchanges between nations. In the context of Greek shipping, he stands out for his focus on liner services. His personal service ethic also places him among the country's great patriots and benefactors. Eugenides was born in Thrace, in northern Greece, the son of Agapios Eugenides, a judge in the Ottoman law courts, and his wife Hariklia Afentakis.

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