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(1915 - 2008)

Claims to fame include:

• A 70-year career in shipping
• First western owner to order in Japan
• Early believer in tankers – who exited the sector early

THERE is no doubt that John M. Carras, one of the most admired names in Greek shipping, deserves to be counted among the legendary 'Golden Greeks', the entrepreneurs who revolutionised shipping in the second half of the 20th century. Yet he himself was not overly fond of the expression. Its glamorous overtones fitted Onassis and Niarchos, but Carras was a conservative - an intensely private man, notable for his stability of character, his decent principles and his dislike of publicity.

Like a number of leading Greek shipping clans, the Carras family comes from the village of Kardamyla in Chios. Its shipping businesses can be traced back to the 19th century and an initial fleet of sailing vessels.

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